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Are you using GPS for your pharmacy leadership?

My, oh my, how time flies. As we have just come through the Christmas season, let me tell you a story about Christmas past. I believe it was about 15 years ago when my wife gave me my first GPS for Christmas. At that time, I was on the road a lot. My territory stretched out for about 400 miles in every direction. That was the good news. The bad news was I did not know how to get to about 750 (or more) pharmacy stores that I was supposed to be supporting. I needed some help. I needed some directions. I needed a GPS.

Since that time, technology has evolved and improved and I believe we would be hard pressed not to find a smartphone that includes GPS technology to help us find our way. 

But how does a GPS really work?

The GPS works through a process of triangulation. Your device is able to determine how far it is from three ("tri-") separate, defined points and based on how you are from each of those points, your location can be triangulated. This is one of those real-life applications of trigonometry! I had always wondered whether that subject would come in handy. Now I know it can.

What are the defined points that you anchor your leadership to? Do you have at least three? The GPS shows us that we need at least that many to be able to know exactly where we are at. And when we have more than three points, our position becomes even more solid.

Over the course of the next few articles, I am going to suggest three points that we could connect with to improve our leadership. These points may already be on your list, or perhaps you rarely (if ever) think about them. Either way, taking the time to at least consider these points will have some positive impact on your leadership. 

Between now and when we next meet, take just five minutes and think about those things that you are connected to which keep you on track – your personal GPS.

Until next time -

Jesse McCullough, PharmD

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