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  • Pharmacists–my advice? Never wish it was easier

    Whenever we face hardship and challenge, know that what comes along with it is an invitation to become better – to become more. From a pharmacist’s perspective, I can say honestly that the world needs more from us. The world needs us to continue to grow and improve and expand our skills.
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  • The importance of the banner agreement and lease when opening a pharmacy

    I am preparing to precept my next fourth-year University of Alberta PharmD student for their non-patient care rotation. I highly recommend becoming a preceptor for students. I learn from each of them and I get energized by their enthusiasm for the profession. My rotation is an elective with a leadership/management focus, and I often match with students who express an interest in becoming a pharmacy owner down the line.
    Bruce Winston
  • The course pharmacy schools should teach

    Raphael, is a great clinician and an extremely hard worker, capable of grinding through the heavy lifting the profession requires. But the demands of pharmacy life with higher expectations, rude customers, diminishing support staff and head office policies forced down his throat have all taken their toll.
  • I’m celebrating my three-year anniversary with Pharmacy U

    In recent weeks, I have come to realize that I have done a poor job as a historian to document certain events throughout my career. This fact has been emphasized by our smartphone-rich world where many people document numerous aspects of their lives with photographs. I am still learning that skill.
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  • Homeostasis and your pharmacy

    There is a certain level of chaos that exists in any pharmacy. One of the ways I measure this is by prescription volume. My last assignment as a pharmacy manager was in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania – the home of the groundhog! This particular pharmacy was filling about 2,200 prescriptions a week at the time.
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  • Exploring gut health: the role of prebiotics and probiotics

    Understanding the intricate relationship between gut health and overall well-being is quickly becoming essential for pharmacists. In our recent video presentation, Graham Mackenzie PhC and Lindsay Dixon BSc. Phm RPh. delve into the fascinating world of the microbiome.
    gut health
  • Why triathletes might make good pharmacists

    I have written about how triathlon is a lifelong journey than offers more than fitness. It forces me to dig deep and push boundaries of resiliency while balancing rest, sleep, nutrition, stress management, stretching and yoga. Triathlon has given me the other part of my identity that hibernates during the workweek. Opening the box and finding triathlon proved an amplification of who I am.
    Jason Chenard
  • Top travel tips for gut health: preventing Traveller's Diarrhea

    By equipping your patients with the right knowledge and preventive measures, you can help them avoid Traveller's Diarrhea and enjoy a healthier, more enjoyable travel experience.
    Travel tips
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