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    Our brands are trusted sources of information for physicians and pharmacists nationally, including Quebec. We are more than just a magazine, website, or event–we are a community for healthcare professionals dedicated to better. Better medicine. Better care. And better business.

    We provide a forum for discussion and debate on the issues that matter most for healthcare practitioners today. We advocate for policies that support a strong and vibrant healthcare profession. And we work to improve the health of Canadians by promoting and sharing best practices in medicine and pharmacy. We also offer creative and practical ways for partners to connect with our audiences, and build meaningful relationships that will forward Canadian healthcare.

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    Our brands

    We understand that healthcare is a complex and ever-changing industry. We offer a variety of advertising opportunities that provide valuable exposure for our partners' products and services that can help you reach your target audience and meet key objectives. Our print magazines, online presence, newsletters, and events provide an effective platform for promoting your brand and message. Our team of content specialists are experts at crafting stories and data that will capture the attention of your audience. And if you're looking for a more hands-on approach, we also offer industry-leading events and educational sessions. No matter what your marketing goals are, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

  • top half of a cover of the Medical Post magazine
  • The Medical Post has been the independent voice for Canada's doctors since 1965. Today, The Medical Post produces impactful journalism about what is important and relevant to Canada’s physicians. It covers a broad range of medical and healthcare topics, from medical news and breakthroughs to insights on practice management, business and policy.

  • Top half of the cover of Pharmacy Practice + Business magazine
  • Pharmacy Practice + Business is the one-stop magazine for Canadian pharmacists. All clinical content in Pharmacy Practice + Business is pharmacist-selected, written and reviewed, ensuring that articles and columns meet the current information needs of practicing Canadian pharmacists. All business-focused content is written by experts in pharmacy, retail and management who have first-hand knowledge of the challenges of running a successful healthcare-first business.

  • Top half of the cover of Profession Sante magazine
  • Profession Santé is a specialized magazine for physicians, pharmacists and other professionals in the Quebec healthcare sector. Published ten times a year, Profession Santé offers readers in-depth coverage of the latest news and trends in Quebec's healthcare landscape, from new medications and treatments to government policy changes.

  • Top half of the cover of Quebec Pharmacie magazine
  • Québec Pharmacie has been the strategic resource for independent continuing education for Quebec pharmacists since 1953. Published six times a year, Québec Pharmacie provides pharmacists with up-to-date information on new drugs, dosage forms and therapeutic indications.

  • Pharmacy U logo on a transparent background
  • Pharmacy U events are Canada’s only pharmacy conferences designed to help pharmacists build a successful and sustainable business. With content delivered by some of Canada’s most innovative pharmacists, Pharmacy U provides attendees with the tools and knowledge they need to establish patient engagement strategies, understand emerging business opportunities, and advance how pharmacy is practiced.

  • logos for Canadian healthcare network and Profession Sante websites
  • and are the digital sources for objective, evidence-based information on Canada's healthcare system, in English and French. Our team of healthcare experts bring the latest news, developments and analysis on everything from federal and provincial health policies to medical innovation and technology.

  • OTC logos for physician and pharmacist recommendations
  • The Annual #1 OTC Recommended Brand and Market Survey is an industry indicator which has tracked and measured pharmacist and physician counselling patterns for OTC products for 29 and 15 years, respectively. Showcase your #1 OTC brands to our print and online reach of pharmacists and physicians across Canada, and thank them for recognizing your brand.

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  • is our continuing education course development program is the most respected and longest running in Canada. We offer turnkey program development, accreditation, multi-platform distribution and promotion to reach our inter-professional, bilingual audience. Through accredited and non-accredited courses, we’ll help you distribute your message to our large audience.

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