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Why I attend Pharmacy U – and why you should too!

Moses Boachie

There’s no mountain high enough and no valley low enough that can keep me away from a Pharmacy U event!

From Montreal to Vancouver. From Montreal to Toronto – I’ve always been eager to attend those enriching events. I remember my first Pharmacy U like yesterday. It was in 2019 in Vancouver. I was going through a rollercoaster of emotions because I didn’t know what to expect. Was it going to be worth the trip from Montreal? Considering that I’m French Canadian, was I going to feel like an outcast? Was the educational material going to be applicable to my practice in Quebec?

To my great surprise and relief, all these questions and doubts started to dissipate by the opening session and completely vanished by the end of the day. As a toddler pharmacist (I had been practising for 2 years at that time), I was mesmerized by new innovative ways of providing patient care and generating more business that school didn’t teach me.

And did I feel like an outcast? Oh no! Until this day, the wonderful people that I met in 2019 have remained so welcoming towards me and passionate about helping and informing others: Jim Danahy, Chris Juozaitis, Marty Rissin,  Jane Auster, Alexandra Voulu, Michael Cronin, Carlene Oleksyn, Aaron Sihota...just to name a few.

The following year I attended Toronto’s event. It was no different! It confirmed to me that Pharmacy U is not a simple conference day but a complete experience. You get to fraternize with pharmacists from across the country, to hear beautiful and emotional stories, to learn new ways and perspectives of practicing, to meet with a plethora of vendors, etc. (note: the great food too never disappoints!).

My excitement for Pharmacy U has become so conspicuous that I became sort of an unofficial spokesperson. I couldn’t stop talking about it to my peers here in Quebec. Last year, my wife and my sister, who are also pharmacists, decided to join me on my trip to Pharmacy U Vancouver. They were so thankful and what they experienced validated everything that I’ve been telling them.

All that being said, if you want to make priceless encounters and change your practice for the better, Pharmacy U events are where to be!

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