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QUIZ: Do you know the latest on Botox injections?

Botox for medical and cosmetic indications is growing, and post-pandemic-lockdown use for esthetic purposes is surging. What do you know about botulism toxin injections?

Statistics show that worldwide use of Botox for medical and cosmetic purposes is on the rise, with 6.2 million procedures done in 2019 by plastic surgeons alone. Anecdotally, its post-pandemic-lockdown use for cosmetic purposes is surging.I think post-lockdown, there is definitely a surge in Botox as people have been staring at themselves on Zoom,” said Dr. Benjamin Barankin, dermatologist and medical director and founder of Toronto Dermatology Centre. “People who can afford Botox generally have accumulated money during COVID due to less travel/entertainment and want to start treating themselves,” he said.

What do you know about botulism toxin injections for cosmetic and medical uses?

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