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Pharmacy U Toronto 2023 was a huge success!

Pharmacy U Toronto
Pharmacy U Toronto 2023

Pharmacy U Toronto roared into the International Centre on April Fool's Day, but the event was definitely NOT an April Fool's joke. Ask the more than 755 registrants who travelled to Toronto from across the country – and beyond – to absorb the most engaging and relevant education offered at Pharmacy U to date, including the first-ever breakfast session series. It was a day to reconnect with colleagues, make new contacts, learn from industry titans and experience an expanded vendor floor.

Excitement was on tap for the day of learning. Here are just some of the comments (from social media):

"Great day at Pharmacy U and so looking forward to the next opportunity to connect with incredible colleagues...."

Presenter Shelita Dattani, PharmD: "So much fun to present at Pharmacy U this weekend on how we navigated the vaccine conversation during the pandemic and skills we picked up along the way like prebunking and infodemiology! The relationships we have with our communities create amazing open spaces to talk."

Sarah Fallis: "Absolutely loved your session. Thank you for all the practical tips on addressing vaccine hesitancy in an empathetic, informative and open manner. Would love to see a vaccine workshop next year!"

"Thanks Pharmacy U for bringing us together to inspire us as a community of friends and colleagues. ... Community pharmacy is the perfect descriptor. The people make us powerful. The sense of community keeps us going."

"Great day at Pharmacy U and so looking forward to the next opportunity to connect with incredible colleagues."

Presenter Mike Jaczko: "It was good to see the pharmacy industry out in full swing at the Pharmacy U conference this weekend. Max Beairsto, Robert Martini, and I enjoyed some lively discussions about the future of the pharmacy business with managers, owners, and industry experts. I'm proud to work with a sector that responded so positively to the pandemic by adapting, innovating, and growing to meet the needs of Canadians."

"So nice to meet pharmacy leader @canpharmsiva (community pharmacist Sivajanan Sivapalan) in real life this morning at Pharmacy U Toronto conference. To quote @CdnPharmChief (Dr. Danielle Paes, PharmD, Chief Pharmacist Officer at the Canadian Pharmacists Association), meeting colleagues and role models in real life never gets old!"

"A big thank you to Pharmacy U for bringing peers closer together."

Presenter Pavithra Ravinatarajan: "It really is a wonderful event and likewise so proud to participate. The sponsors I spoke to all loved it and every pharmacist I spoke to can’t wait for the next one. Honestly, congratulations on this being such a success and making something that we’re all so passionate about."

"Supporting each other, pharmacists better serve their patients & communities, and find fulfillment in their work. Laugher and positivity can go a long way in making the challenging aspects of the profession more bearable. It's made stronger by the connections and relationships forged between members."

Jen Belcher: "The people of pharmacy are what make this profession so powerful. Being a healthcare professional is hard. Leading is hard. Staying open & vulnerable is hard. But it's all better when you have amazing friends to lean on for inspiration, support, and a whole lot of laughter."

Pharmacy U is more than just a series of conferences. It's a community. Your community.

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