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Top 10 sessions from the very 1st Pharmacy U

Pharmacy U

Pharmacy U turns 10 this year! Canada's leading event for the pharmacy industry will be in-person once again, on April 2, 2022, at the International Centre. That in itself is cause to celebrate.

Discover this year's Pharmacy U Toronto sessions.

  • Becoming a leading healthcare provider
  • Providing pain management and support solutions

- Presenter Susan Beresford

  • Helping people with diabetes

- Presenter Shelley Diamond

  • Running a successful clinic in your pharmacy
  • Getting the most out of natural health and probiotic products

- Presenter Diane Williams

  • Understanding generics: How does bioequivalence translate to clinical efficacy?

- Presenter Jake Thiessen

  • Knowing your pharmacy customer

- Presenter Jim Danahy

  • Managing the people side of change

- Presenter Hani Khafouri

  • Understanding your pharmacy's metrics

- Presenter George Anastasopoulos

  • Maximizing technology in your pharmacy

- Presenter Todd Sinclair

Discover this year's Pharmacy U Toronto sessions.

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