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Tech Talk CE: Mental health and the role of the pharmacy technician

a pharmacy professional counsels a patient

Pharmacy technicians practising in community and/or institutional environments will be involved in supporting and providing care to patients in managing their mental health and those who are managing a mental health condition. It is important that pharmacy technicians understand the difference between mental health and mental illness, as well as factors that can impact these. 

This continuing education course for pharmacists is approved by CCCEP for 1.25 credits. Course # 1329-2023-3684-I-T.

An educational service for Canadian pharmacy technicians, brought to you by Teva.

Learning objectives

After successful completion of this continuing education program, pharmacy technicians will be able to: 

  • Differentiate between mental health, mental health conditions, and mental illnesses/disorders. 
  • Recognize populations with increased incidence of mental health conditions. 
  • Identify factors that positively and negatively influence an individual’s mental health. 
  • Understand the role of the pharmacy technician in supporting and providing care for individuals with mental health concerns within their scope of practice.

 Course author: Sarah-Lynn Dunlop, MEd, BA, RPhT

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