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PharmAssist in Weight Management: A pharmacist’s role in obesity care

Obese woman seeing her physician
Obese woman seeing her physician

Unlike most other chronic conditions, obesity is one of the only disease states where effective evidence-based treatments are not often offered to the person with the condition. In many cases when they are offered, it is not until the person is experiencing significant obesity-related comorbidities and complications. With the growing treatment options and their evolving scope of practice, pharmacists are ideally positioned to approach and educate people living with obesity of strategies that not only address their weight, but also reduce their risk of developing and aggravating common comorbidities. 

This course is accredited by CCCEP for 1.25 CEUs; course number #1329-2024-3766-I-P
Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Novo Nordisk Canada
Learning Objectives
  1. Determine the impact of obesity on a person’s comorbidities, morbidity, and mortality.
  2. Develop strategies to effectively approach and discuss disease management in people with overweight or obesity. 
  3. Discuss how to address common questions and concerns regarding the management of obesity.
  4. Differentiate between obesity pharmacotherapies and how to individualize the agent for a person living with obesity. 

Course Author: Michael Boivin, Bsc. Phm, RPH, CDE

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