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  • Doctor demands apology after COVID-related charge dropped

    A doctor who faced a barrage of hate and racism after being accused of violating COVID-19 measures in New Brunswick is calling on the premier to apologize after a charge was dropped.
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  • Pharmacists in Newfoundland finally able to give COVID vaccines

    This start comes months after pharmacists in many other regions of the country have been vaccinating patients against COVID-19. Newfoundland and Labrador is the last province to allow pharmacists to vaccinate patients against the coronavirus.
    vials of COVID-19 vaccine
  • For those who feel stuck: The power of one small change

    Not everyone can leave to start their own practice or find a pharmacy more in line with how they want to practise. Frustration mounts when we ask ourselves, “How do I escape this?”
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  • New insights to combat chronic refractory cough

    “These patients need appropriate followup. If one thing doesn’t work try something else. Most of these patients will respond," said clinical professor Dr. Stephen Field. But what should be done with the remaining 30% of patients who are refractory or unresponsive?
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  • Q&A with King Chen: Breaking barriers to improve health literacy

    When pharmacist King Chen discovered that Chinese immigrants in his area were struggling to understand key health information that was essential to managing their health, he set out to fix the problem first-hand. With the help of his friend Tina Lam, who is a dentist, he assembled a group of interd
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  • Ontario's physician assistants will soon be regulated

    "You have the occasional patient who might get confused when they find out I’m not actually a doctor,” said Sahand Ensafi, a physician assistant who’s been working for more than seven years in the ERs of the University Health Network’s Toronto Western and Toronto General hospitals.
    Sahand Ensafi, a physician assistant