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New Product: pH-In

PH-In (pronounced 'fin'), made by Indeed Labs, is a new pH-balanced product line that promises to help get rid of acne while keeping the skin’s natural barrier and microbiome intact. 

Acne is common and frustrating, as the products made to treat it can be too harsh for many people.

pH-In (pronounced fin), made by Indeed Labs, is a new product line that promises to help get rid of acne in a gentler way without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier and microbiome in the process. 

Typical ingredients in acne products, such as Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, can increase dryness and sun sensitivity and, ironically, the chances of future breakouts, the company says. Instead, pH-In uses gentler ingredients such as Bio-succinic acid, E. Sagittatum and polypeptides, which don’t disrupt the skin’s microbiome. The products are also, as their name suggests, pH balanced, with a pH of 4.5–5.7.

"When it comes to acne, overkill has been the name of the game for years; the harshest ingredients are used to treat the smallest pimple, resulting in a vicious cycle of skin suffering. PH-In was designed to combat blemishes while improving the overall health of your skin,” Dimitra Davidson, president and COO, pH-In, said in a press release.  

The three-step system is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and It includes a cleanser, moisturizer and mask. The cleaner uses Amino Acid Complex and cleans while protecting the skin microbiome's health; the moisturizer reduces the oil acne feeds on and fights acne bacteria; and the mask reduces redness, irritation and dryness while limiting oil production. 

The company says that in a clinical study that lasted eight weeks, 92% of people who used the product saw an improvement in their blemishes, and 86% said their scars and post-acne marks improved. All users said that pH-In didn’t irritate their skin.

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