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New film highlights Indigenous Canadians' experience with the healthcare system


A new film launched last week highlighting the impacts colonialism and racism have had on Indigenous peoples in Canada and their interactions with the healthcare system. 

The Unforgotten is both a statement and an invitation,” Dr. Ewan Affleck, the film's executive producer, in a press release. “A statement to acknowledge the history of Canadians conveniently 'forgetting' stories that challenge the myth of a tolerant and egalitarian society, and an invitation to start listening so the stories are now heard. We must unforget.”

Accompanying the film is an educational toolkit, created in collaboration with the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority, aiming to help viewers reflect on and engage with issues raised in the film. 

“The CMA is proud to support this film project,” said CMA president Dr. Ann Collins. "And we are grateful to the courageous people who shared their stories with the hope that it will contribute to meaningful change.”

The film can viewed here.

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