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The future of pharmacy is in good hands…


One of the things I love about this 2022 series is the reassurance that the future of pharmacy is indeed in good hands. Throughout the series, we highlight every week an amazing young leader in pharmacy from across Canada and around the world. Each leader has an inspiring message. Below are my preferred quotes that I liked from each of their interviews.

Renly Lim (Australia) – Week 1

“Seek help and help others. Connect with people who will help guide and support you as you embark on this new exciting journey, and also connect with those you can help and support along their journey.”

Fairuz Siraj (British Columbia, Canada) – Week 2

“Remember that we pharmacists have not 1, but 2 superpowers. … the first one is that we are the medication experts, no other healthcare professionals have the vast knowledge and training that we do when it comes to medications, and the second is our accessibility; we are the most accessible healthcare professionals out there.”

Rebecka Isaksson (United Kingdom) – Week 3

“Embrace change! Jobs and roles change, and in a field as broad as pharmaceutical sciences there are endless opportunities. When change finds you, don’t worry too much and instead try to enjoy it. Do you want to pivot in your career and pursue a new field? Go for it. Are you hesitating about taking that next step in your career? Don’t; you are going to do great.”

Michael Do (Ontario, Canada) – Week 4

“I love being a pharmacist because I love making a difference in the everyday health of patients and the community I serve.”

Thorrun Govind (United Kingdom) – Week 5

“…if you are interested in something then ask to get involved; the worst that can happen is you get told no!”

Brian Cicali (United States) – Week 6

“I am now at the point in my career that I can begin giving back by sharing my experiences with others and I am finding that providing mentorship to others is just as, if not more, rewarding than receiving mentoring.”

Sandy Faheim (Ontario, Canada) – Week 7

“It’s exciting to know we have ability to impact our community and make a difference, not only for our patients (the pillars of our practice), but also as advocates for the profession itself, our team members, and other healthcare professionals.”

Bing Wang (British Columbia, Canada) – Week 8

“More than ever, it's important to accept change and continually learn and innovate such that when disruption happens you are ready to embrace it. It starts with curiosity and a desire to continuously grow.”

Joella Wang (Ontario, Canada) – Week 9

“With enthusiasm and creativity, I believe young leaders have the full potential to deliver positive changes to the profession.”

Kyro Maseh (Ontario, Canada) – Week 10

“…I love going into work, and I love the patients I serve. I feel the relationship I have with the people I treat has made me a better pharmacist, and a better person overall.”

Laura Chirita (Québec, Canada) – Week 11

“Question the status quo. Don't be afraid to try different settings or even other practice areas. Don't be scared to suggest new procedures or ways of doing things in your pharmacy. The current solution is not necessarily the “right” one.”

John Lee (British Columbia, Canada) – Week 12

“…young leaders are resilient. They are vocal about what is working and what is not working, then seeking solutions and implementing strategic improvement models to drive an impact. This is how young leaders innovate and lead - and this is how we achieve change.”


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