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Dr. John Crosby: Breaking the ice one blog at a time


Why he won
This award goes to the Medical Post online blogger who had the most clicks—the strongest digital metrics on the Doctor Daily newsletter—over the last year. Dr Crosby is a blogger who has a talent for bringing up and exploring topics that doctors find interesting and want to talk about—from treating pain/depression/addiction/obesity—to avoiding legal action/ burnout/running late/charting after hours.

“John has a nose for issues Canadian doctors care about,” said Medical Post Editor-in-Chief Colin Leslie. “It’s not surprising that blogs written by John are among our consistently best- performing on our well-read Doctor Daily newsletter.”

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About the doctor polls that run every Monday in the Doctor Daily newsletter, our editor says,” I also know that every time John pitches an idea for a poll question, it is going to do very well. At his core, I think John Crosby, as well as being a great doctor, is a great journalist!"


What has been most gratifying about blogging? Most challenging?
Most gratifying is that blogging is an excuse to meet and interview fascinating doctors and learn what their lives are like. Most challenging is negative feedback. Many doctors just want to complain but not do anything to personally enact change. They expect politicians and the Ministry of Health to fix everything.

What are you most proud of in terms of your work?
I am most proud of my work in helping to set up a provincial paramedic program, writing three books on burnout and time management for doctors, and setting up a humane on-call system in Cambridge that has lasted 30 years. I am also proud of how I looked after 1,400 patients over 30 years, supervised nine doctors in trouble with the College and helped them keep their medical licences, and mentored 142 doctors individually.

No pressure, but…  what’s next?
Next up for me is more mentoring of burnt-out doctors.

What’s something about yourself you’re working to improve?
I am working towards exercising daily. 

When it comes to stress, what’s the best medicine?
My stress prescription is to play with my eight-year-old grandson. He gets me to be “in the now.” 

What brings you joy?
My family, friends, reading, Netflix, swimming, our cottage and Florida all bring me joy. 

What’s your secret indulgence?
My secret indulgence is surf and turf.

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