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Can I travel with my medical cannabis anywhere?

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Third in a series.

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The best way pharmacists can do better at maxing the opportunity of talking to their patients about medical cannabis is having the knowledge to address the most common questions patients may have. Pharmacists need access and quick responses on how to address patients' questions. 

With COVID travel restrictions being gradually lifted, more and more people are making travel plans either within or outside of Canada. That raises questions when it comes to patients with medical cannabis.

Along with understanding what vaccination they will require, patients need to take note of the following guidelines on carrying medical marijuana to ensure their travel plans take off smoothly.

As long as patients are travelling within Canada, they can take their medical cannabis with them. When travelling, keep your marijuana in its original container, take all your paperwork with you and follow these steps if travelling by plane:

  • Pack your medical cannabis in your carry-on luggage. 
  • Airlines and airports have their own rules to follow. As a result, call both in preparation for your trip, and arrive at the airport at least an extra hour early in case they need to verify your information with your licensed producer or law enforcement. This is now a routine procedure.

If you are crossing any border – by car, plane, or ship – leave your marijuana and any marijuana-related products at home. Many countries have a “zero tolerance” policy, so don’t take the risk or you may find yourself on the wrong side of local law enforcement.

Read Part 1 and Part 2

Michael Kani B.Sc.|MSc.|B.Sc.Phm| R.Ph is the owner of Michael's Pharmacy Remedy'sRx in Saskatoon, SK


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