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Webinar on demand: The threat of RSV in older adults

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RSV is well-recognized as a predictable seasonal infection in infants, yet older adults including those with underlying comorbidities are at greater risk of severe outcomes from the virus. Greater awareness around the burden of RSV in older adults is needed to increase understanding and to address the unmet needs in this population.

This non-accredited learning activity explores current evidence on RSV vaccination and provides best practices, clinical tools, and strategies to help you support optimal management of RSV in your practice.

Webinar presenters:

  • Dr. Marla Shapiro C.M.; CCFP, MHSc, FRCPC, FCFP, MSCP; Professor, DFCM, University of Toronto
  • Ajit Johal, PharmD, RPh; Director of clinical services,; Clinical Instructor, UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Supported by educational funding from GSK.

Learning objectives:

At the end of this on-demand webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe the burden of RSV disease in the adult population and risk as related to age and underlying medical conditions Identify risk factors for severe complications of RSV and why older adults face a higher risk
  • Understand new clinical evidence supporting RSV vaccination and current vaccine technologies to address age-related decline in immunity
  • Apply best practices and tools for identifying adults at risk of serious outcomes from RSV in your practice
  • Acquire strategies for implementing RSV vaccination into practice to optimize adult immunization

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