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Someone's already tried to bribe a Quebec healthcare worker into giving them fake proof of vaccination


A Montreal health official confirmed Tuesday that someone tried to bride a healthcare worker to give them a falsified vaccination document.

Carl Thériault, a media relations specialist with the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal told CTV News, in the wake of the Quebec government announcing plans to use COVID-19 vaccine passports throughout the province.

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Federal agencies are keeping an eye on the possibility of people faking documentation to indicate they’ve been vaccinated. The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) said in a statement that its encountered dozens of alleged examples already.

“The CBSA is aware that there is no global standard for vaccine documentation, and that some travellers may attempt to use fraudulent documentation when seeking entry to Canada,” noted the statement. “The CBSA is working closely with domestic and international partners to detect and intercept such documents as early as possible in the travel continuum.

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