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Pharmacy Leader Anisa Shivji - "Take the opportunities that excite and challenge you."

Anisa Shivji
Anisa Shivji, founder and CEO of RxVisit



BSc.Phm from U of T; MSc from University of Kent, UK

Current Role:  

Founder and CEO, RxVisit 

Strategic Policy Advisor, Policy, Planning and Analytics, Ontario College of Pharmacists


How has your career evolved since you first started in the profession?

I started my career in community pharmacy where I discovered my passion for working with geriatric patients. I evolved into leadership roles in community pharmacy and subsequently the long-term care industry. I currently work at the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) on the Strategic Policy, Planning and Analytics team. Two years ago, I founded a company, RxVisit, which focuses on medication management in retirement homes, long term care homes and homebound patients in the community.  

Looking at your career, what are you the proudest of? What have been some of the highlights of your career?

One of the highlights of my career has been starting RxVisit. RxVisit leverages my experience in different industries and my passion for working with geriatric patients. Since the launch of RxVisit, I have had the opportunity to meet passionate and driven pharmacists, who share my vision for helping elderly patients who are often quite isolated and most in need. Another highlight has been working alongside so many accomplished and inspiring female leaders at OCP. These leaders have encouraged my professional development and leadership journey and I am so grateful for that.  

What is (or has been) your greatest challenge as a leader in pharmacy?

One of my greatest challenges has been adapting to providing care during the COVID pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, my team and I at RxVisit had the opportunity to visit isolated patients in their homes where we would review their medications and identify potential or actual drug related problems by looking through their medication cabinet. As a result of the pandemic, we put these services on hold. Elderly patients are often not the most technologically savvy, hence assisting them without a home visit has proven to be quite challenging. However, I believe (and try to continuously remind myself) that such challenges enable us to grow professionally.  

What advice would you give to new female pharmacy graduates?

You may not know all the answers right away. Learning is a lifelong process. Take the opportunities that excite and challenge you, surround yourself with leaders who inspire you and let yourself grow each day.



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