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Pharmacist fined, suspended for using doctor's name, licence number to write fake prescription authorizations: college


A pharmacist in Vancouver has been given a five-year suspension and $15,000 fine for writing fake prescriptions. 

The College of Pharmacists of B.C. suspended Amandeep Singh Khun-Khun for 1,825 days and also ordered a letter of reprimand to be permanently placed on its register, the Vancouver Sun reported. 

According to the college's decision, Khun-Khun used a licence number and name of a physician to write prescription authorizations for himself without the doctor knowing about it. 

Creating nine prescription authorizations, totalling 75 dispensed transactions, including for Schedule I drugs, the decision said. 

Khun-Khun was also fined $30,000 in June 2019 and suspended for 540 days. He processed more than 15,000 fake prescriptions for over-the-counter drugs and vitamins using PharmaNet records of seven people, although none of them knew about it. 

Khun-Khun said he, “directed pharmacy assistants to process transactions weekly on PharmaNet in order to artificially inflate the pharmacy’s prescription count.”

The college's inquiry found two full-time pharmacists working for Khun-Khun "turned a blind eye," to the pracitces. 

The two pharmacists, William Wanyang Lu and Jason Wong now both have letters of reprimand on their permanent registration files, and the college had them pass its law exam and an ethics course. 

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