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Man impersonates healthcare aid and does several shifts at Winnipeg hospital


Winnipeg’s St. Boniface hospital is conducting an investigation after a man, who was no employed there, spent several shifts caring for patients.

During July, the impersonator worked as many as eight shifts performing various responsibilities including helping to move patients, simple wound care and bathing and dressing them, CBC News reported.

The man had previously registered for a healthcare aide training program the province’s Shared Health offers, but he never completed it.

However, he called the hospital’s staffing office claiming to be a newly hire aide   and was given a shift. After that shift, however, the staffing office noticed their error and the man was informed he was not eligible to work at any healthcare site,

Regardless, the man presented at the hospital pretending to be an employee and was admitted by security on several occasions working multiple shifts, including in the hospital’s ED.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority noted the man didn’t gain have access to medications.

"Corrective measures have been—and will continue to be—taken," a release from the health authority said.

Local police added that they’ve spoken to the man and found he meant no ill will by his actions and he is not expected to attempt them again.

"St. Boniface Hospital deeply regrets this incident and extends sincere apologies to both its patients and its staff."

St. Boniface sent a memo to staff July 19, reminding workers to always wear photo I.D. badges while on the job. It further noted staff shouldn’t hestitate to stop someone they don’t know from going into an unauthorized zone.

"In the past, individuals have gained access to secure areas with card access by following someone in and into unauthorized areas because no one asked if they belonged in the area," the memo said.

A week later, the hospital sent another memo saying security would be asking and recording the names of any staff who didn’t have their photo badge on them while working and would ask for photo I.D.

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