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“I like what she said…!”

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Women in Pharmacy supporter Sherif Guorgui of OnPharm-United

Throughout the Women in Leadership series, in collaboration with PharmacyU, we have continued to highlight every week an amazing woman leader in pharmacy. Each leader featured has an inspiring message. Below are my preferred quotes that I liked from each of their interviews.

Hala Jawad (UK) – Week 17

“Executive roles, and any role for that matter in pharmacy, should always be filled by the person most qualified to do the job regardless of gender.”

Connie Beck (Ontario) – Week 18

“Organizations, associations, and regulatory boards need to put policies and processes in place to promote equality.”

Leonie Ocampo (Philippines) – Week 19

“It is a matter of all women to keep on believing that WE too CAN.”

Kristen Watt (Ontario) – Week 20

“Don’t get dragged down by nay sayers.  Only you can set your limitations.  If you want something, ask for it.”

Dianery Pagon (Alberta) – Week 21

“When more companies begin to acknowledge and put into action the need for diversity, inclusion, and equity as an everyday practice, then we will see more women in executive roles across various sector in the profession.”

Rita Egan (Ontario) – Week 22

“As a woman, your inclusive voice is critical in defining what diverse pharmacist leadership can be. That path ahead is not easy, but certainly rewarding and attainable. It starts with you.”

Jane Ling (Ontario) – Week 23

“I never considered my gender a barrier and I led my life that way. Conviction and confidence are important to be successful in accomplishing your goals.”

Shelley Morgan-Bair, PharmD (Ontario) – Week 24

“I strongly feel that all new female pharmacy students should be encouraged to speak up, share their thoughts, tell their stories, and let their voices be heard!”

Linda Prytula (Ontario) – Week 25

“I would urge new graduates to set their goals high, keep their options open and believe in themselves. The other thing I would recommend is to get involved, whether it is volunteering at local associations, provincial or national bodies, you will find it extremely rewarding.”

Rachelle Rocha (Ontario) – Week 26

“To be a leader, you must simply lead the way.”

Sandra Aylward (Nova Scotia) – Week 27

“We need to encourage women who are thinking about taking on leadership roles to disregard that inner voice that sometimes tells us that we need more experience or qualifications.  Be brave, and ask for help when you need it. You have more to offer than you think.”

Angeline Ng (Ontario) – Week 28

“I think that part of the solution may be systemic in being able to first recognize and appreciate the value that women bring to leadership roles, as the foundation for supporting greater opportunities for women, and part of the solution may also be an internal shift in the narrative to encourage more women to pursue these roles.”

Tina Perlman (Ontario) – Week 29

“Become involved and look for opportunities to make a difference because they are everywhere! Build your network so that you will have partners to support you as you progress through your career.”

Ema Paulino (Portugal) – Week 30

“If we look at past and present leaders in pharmacy, we can see that there is a disproportionate number of men occupying leadership positions, in a profession that has a female majority. But individually, I do not let that affect my ambitions, and I feel that my generation has already benefitted from what female leaders have done in the past decades.”

Christine Hrudka (Saskatchewan) – Week 31

“I hope to inspire women to be brave and get themselves at all board tables where decisions are being made.”  

Shelita Dattani (Ontario) – Week 32

“Be open to taking risks and foster your own strong sense of professional identify. Carry that with you everywhere, and let it ground you, no matter which path your career takes. Find your people and build your community of mentors and cheerleaders - we will encircle you and lift you up!”

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