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Having trouble logging in or changing your password?

We miss you! If you are having trouble accessing articles on CanadianHealthcareNetwork, we can help you get your account up and running again.

A number of users have told us that they are having trouble logging into CanadianHealthcareNetwork and/or changing their password for their user account.

Very often, this problem happens because the user has registered on CHN with more than one email account. 

Why is this happening? is audited by an independent authority to ensure that the user numbers we claim can be authenticated—that  every registrant we claim is one person who can be verified. Being accurate about our user numbers mean that our registration system can only accept one user per user name and pharmacy license number.

If you are having trouble with your account, there is a good chance that our system is showing that you have at some point opened more than one user account.

We understand...people change jobs and change email addresses! We want to help you get your account back up and operating so you can read the great articles, blogs and features and access continuing education lessons.

If you are having trouble with your account, simply email us at [email protected] and we will get you set up with one current user account.



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